Closer to Nature: Charming Flower Cup Chair for Modern Spaces

Flower Cup Chair is a fine piece of interior design inspired by the wonderful  surrounding nature, exuding simple yet exquisite beauty. Designed by Japan-based design studio Leif Designpark which promotes the art of traditional craftsmanship and works with natural material, the upholstered chair stands out through an original and gorgeous design inspired by nature, which managed to capture the elegance and delicacy of a blossoming flower and in the same time to deliver a cozy cocoon-like setting.

Its distinctive moulded plywood backrest resembling like the petals of a half-open sun flower is the detail which makes this chair to be unique and so inviting. Ideal for any modern interior as a lounge chair or as an accent piece, Flower Cup Chair can be customizable for any taste, being available in different wood variations with lacquer or oil finishes.



Photos: © Leif Designpark.

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