Amazing Home Design for Halloween

On the night of October 31, Americans, and for some time other peoples of the world, celebrate Halloween, “Feast of All Saints”. Halloween is a celebration of Celtic origin which has spread in the nineteenth century Irish immigrants through the United States of America. The first state where Halloween was celebrated was Minnesota in 1921, followed closely by cities New York and Los Angeles in 1923 and 1925. From here up to today’s global celebration was only a step. You don’t need a revolution in the house or excessive investment. To make a Halloween decoration just choose the right decorations. No matter what part of the world live, Halloween party is the same everywhere  and symbols that define the holiday are pumpkins, carved faces with fierce, ghosts, cats ruffle, bats and candles habitual.  It can test your creativity and most importantly, can provide children fun moments  and good mood.

happy-halloweenYou can set pumpkins on the table or to the window  with a candle inside, representing a specific lantern Halloween party. Mystery is very important for Halloween night, and home decor for the party and you can bet on games of shadows and diffused light, colors like black, white, brown, orange and red. But if you do not have children, go to plan B! Perform various specific arrangements with leaf rust autumn, winter squash, pumpkins, apples, oranges, chestnuts, corn cob and obviously candleholders. You will get a romantic setting ideal for a meeting in two or for a quiet conversation with friends over a glass of red wine and pumpkin pie.



Children are encouraged to disguise as wizards, fairies, mummies, animated characters but inanimate objects, to wander on to the house asking “Trick or Treat?” (Trick or sweets?). The question left to understand that if do not get sweets, the person will play carols and a farce. Adults took over and they feast, frequently organizing celebrations and parties of Halloween, in which the outfit is required – the more wacky, the better.
Halloween costumes most common in parades and parties are those that mimic characters and surreal as scary as ghosts, mummies, vampires, witches, demons, and the colors are predominant Halloween orange and black, these colors are associated pumpkin and death. Scary faces carved pumpkin is called “lantern Jack” (Jack-o’lantern).

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