Fantastic Faucets Design for all Bathrooms

Are you searching for faucets to improve your bathrooms design and you are looking for something special, with an elegant and unique design? The KLUDI BOZZ line offers a range of taps to suit all bathrooms. Luxury manufacturer batteries for bathroom and kitchen, Kludi,  brings the nature perfection in your own bathroom through range KLUDI BOZZ.

If organic design is what gives you the perfect environment, the range Kludi Bozz with its rounded formulas, a single proportion, perfects idyllic image of your home. Available in two versions, tubes Kludi Bozz batteries were inspired by natural forms. Thus, you can opt for pipe inspired by old pipes look or L-shaped with mouth filling furniture. You can also use the batteries FLEXX.BOXX KLUDI for body tub and shower, if you want to earn extra space and convenience in the bathroom by embedding the battery in the wall. Ceramic cartridge with hot water limiter which are equipped with all batteries in the range Kludi Bozz no room for any unpleasant surprises. If you want your home to follow the same line of design, Bozz Kludi range includes a series of batteries for the kitchen: Battery mixer with swivel spout, battery mixer with swivel spout and extractable.

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