Amazing Kids Bathroom Design from Laufen

Europe well-known company for modern bathroom furnishings, Laufen, delights us with an amazing kids bathroom design -Florakids. Made with heart and soul for children,  Florakids fantastic collection is a very colorful, imaginative and a friendly bathroom environment which promotes hygiene early in children’s development. Perfect for children’s needs,  these cheerful-looking florakids fixtures and fittings are practical and safe, customized with special sizes making it easy to reach them. Florakids range features  round, edgeless-shaped washbasins, ceramic cloud-shaped shelving, moon-shaped mirrors which may be fitted at different heights so that every kids can see himself in the mirror and of course floorstanding WC with a specially developed ergonomic seat which has a small opening so that children shouldn’t fear to fall in. These innovative, fresh and playful designs are available in various matching bold colors, so that they can be combined together. This kind of bathrooms are ideal for kindergartens, schools and can be fitted in homes too. Wonderful!












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