Apartment Interior Design Renovation in Stockhlom

For those who live in an apartment and wish to renovate it, today on the market, there are many decorative elements that can be combined to get a cozy and sophisticated interior design that fits exactly as you like. Here is an example that I’m  presenting you today, Stockhlom apartment in Sweden. Everyone wants to do what is best to create and design the most beautiful house in which to live. Since the technological modernization is developing and we tend to keep up with trends, architectural and interior designers are opened to these changes and constantly try to develop and improve the decorative pieces to be fashionable. A good pressure burden is certainly the comfort of our homes has become affordable for most people, which is great.

Today we’re presenting you an apartment renovation that we’re sure you will like it.
The beautiful apartment benefited from these restorations / renovations:
– 2004 new roof, new doors and entrances.
– 2005 new cars and ventilation in the basement laundry.
– 2005/2006 was the rooftop terrace, as members who paid the transaction has access to.
–  2006 the renovation of the garage, improved entrance gates, garden renovation and installation of sopsugsanläggning us.
– 2009 replacement valves on radiators.
– 2009 parts of facade cleaning
– 2009/2010 Change lock garage doors
2010 modernization of the heating and elevator hall renovation

Although over time these renovations took place, it is still preserved today floor plan of the house which was not changed and that is the most historic and the sight of this point Stockholm apartment. This floor plan includes both smart large bathroom, a spacious kitchen with open tops, excellent wall niche and interior design of tissue. The apartment wardrobe is amazing. The kitchen has a nice design, elegant shine where wood dominates, a worktop and a stainless steel sink, a stove and a stainless steel oven from Electrolux fridge freezer from Whirlpool. The floor is coated with gray sandstone. Interior design is simple but elegant, with good quality furniture. The living room is a large sofa and a table and some large windows that go all the white light thus giving the feeling of open space with a warm and welcoming large terrace roof that is common to all residents block, where one can enjoy the sun all the time and admire the beautiful city all year round.

Technical data:
Number of rooms 1 + kitchen + alcove
Living area 35 m²
Type of apartment
Built in 1970

In the basement there is access to the paper and glass recycling and renovated laundry room Silas: three washing machines, a dryer, an oven, a cripple and a centrifuge. There is also a very large and beautiful garden with flower beds, lawns, perfect area for relaxation, but barbecue and playground sandpit.

This modern apartment renovation is a wonderful example on how to implement the new modern idea of interior design.

source: perjansson

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