Amazing Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s exterior is it’s first impression to guests and passersby. Make sure it’s up to par and prepped to impress. Sometimes, a little transformation project can take your home’s exterior to a whole new level.

From the roof down, your home likely has tons of areas perfect for updates and changes. Some projects are bigger than others. However, they all have the potential to make a big impact. 

Here are a few amazing ways you can transform your home’s exterior and boost its curb appeal.

Rejuvenate Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house. Not only is it essential for it to be structurally sound, but it also plays a big part in the appearance of your home. How your roof looks can make or break your home’s curb appeal.

Take a hard look at your roof’s appearance. Is it dingy and dirty? Stains accumulate over time, causing roofs to look worn and dull. Consider having your roof professionally cleaned to bring new life to it. Once the stains are removed, it can look as good as new!

Your roof also might need repairs. Thanks to wind and other weather events, shingles can come loose. Not only does this look unkempt, but it can also lead to a whole host of other problems like water damage. Have your roofing contractor make the necessary repairs to extend the life of your roof.

It may come a time that your roof needs to be replaced. The annoyance of this cost is counteracted by the chance to transform your home. Think outside the box when selecting shingles. Maybe a new color could give your home a whole new look.

This is also a great opportunity to add a skylight or a dormer window. Not only do these renovations give your home a ton of character, but they only add to the natural light on the interior too! 

Create a Backyard Oasis

Your outdoor living space should be seen as an extension of your home. Designing it to fit your needs and lifestyle is a big plus. It can give you extra space to enjoy and host guests.

Think about your family and your needs when transforming your outdoor space. Maybe you host tons of get-togethers. A sprawling patio is perfect for that big barbecue. Perhaps you value your privacy. Then you can opt for a covered patio with landscaping for a private, peaceful retreat. 

Getting the most out of your backyard may require a little creativity. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a glistening pool but don’t have the space. A hot tub or swim spa can allow you to enjoy the water with a smaller footprint. 

Set up your backyard so everyone in your family can enjoy it. Spring for a playset so your kiddos can have a blast in their very own space. Consider building a dog house for your furry friend to enjoy. Your backyard and its transformation should be as unique as those enjoying it. 

Add Accessories

Just as the right accessories can transform an outfit, the same is true for the exterior of your home. Adding these small touches can do a lot for the overall look. This allows you to transform your home, even with a smaller project budget.

Shutters are a perfect way to add polish and a splash of color to your home. There are options at a variety of price ranges, allowing you to frame your windows at nearly any budget. Go for a neutral shade for a subtle impact or a bold hue to make a statement. 

Just as shutters can make a big impact, the same is true for your front door. Painting or replacing your door can do amazing things for your curb appeal. A fun color or interesting windows can make your doorway stand out from all of the others on your street.

Get a New Paint Job

This may seem like the most obvious transformation, however many avoid tackling this daunting task. However, a full-house paint job might not be as overwhelming as you think. With the right paint and materials, you can totally revamp your entire exterior.

Wanting to lighten up your traditional brick exterior? Good news! Brick is totally paintable with specially formulated paint. You can transform the look of your home by whitewashing or painting over your classic red brick with modern hues in white or grey. 

Stucco and siding are also able to get a fresh coat of paint to create a new look. Acrylic paint allows you to change up the color of your vinyl siding for a total transformation. A quality paint sprayer can help you make your stucco any shade you choose. 

Elevate Your Landscaping

Just like your backyard is an extension of your home, as is your landscaping. Not only can the right landscaping do big things for your curb appeal, it can allow you to put your personal touch on your exterior. Landscaping projects, large and small, have a big effect on the look of your home and yard.

Think about your style and the aesthetic of your home when coming up with a landscaping plan. Do you want to match the classic look of your home with structured plants like boxwoods? Maybe your home has a more modern look that would be better accented with streamlined grasses and a sleek outdoor sculpture.

You can also use this as an opportunity to add a ton of color to your outdoor space. Think about your home’s color scheme when choosing floral foliage. Choose colors that contrast with your home. Opposite colored blooms will really pop against your exterior. Purple flowers will stand out in front of yellow-toned siding while red blossoms look great with blue-hued homes.

Awesome Curb Appeal

Sure, you’ve probably invested lots of time and money creating an interior that you love. It’s equally, if not more important, that you give your home’s exterior the same level of love.

From the exterior walls to the yard surrounding your home, you can make improvements to make the space as special as you and your family. You’ll create some awesome curb appeal and make it space you’re truly proud of.

Your home’s exterior is it’s most visible space. Investing in making it look it’s best is totally worth the time and money. Plus, you’ll fall in love with your house each time you come home. 


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