Are Wood Doors Better Than Fiberglass Doors?

If you are stuck between choosing a wooden door or a fiberglass door to install in your home office, you are not alone. At first glance, they seem so similar that you may be mistaken in believing that they are equivalent, but they have some distinct differences which you need to be aware of before you make your decision. There are pros and cons to both, and both short-term and long-term financial aspects to consider.

The Pros of Wooden vs Fiberglass Doors

Wooden doors are associated with high end decor, and are the first choice in terms of quality and aesthetic design. They add a timeless style to your property which fiberglass doors cannot match. They can also be intricately carved and designed with an artistic finish, and can be repaired fairly easily if scratched or tarnished. They are also quite straightforward and practical in their installation, and can be fitted and maintained by almost anyone with the correct tools and materials. Like fiberglass doors, you can sand, varnish or paint wooden doors to the exact texture and finish you desire.

Fiberglass doors also have their own advantages, the main ones being superior durability and weather-resistance. Fiberglass doors have been known to outlast wooden doors, going for many years without becoming rotten, misshapen, or dilapidated, and require minimal maintenance, compared to wooden doors.

Fiberglass is very stain- and scratch-resistant, and can provide as much as 5 times more energy-efficiency than wood. Additionally, you can stain and finish fiberglass doors to give them a wooden grain appearance to simulate a wooden architectural style.

The Cons of Fiberglass vs Wooden Doors

On appearance alone, you may not immediately be able to discern a visible difference, but on closer inspection you can see that wooden doors will deteriorate in ways that fiberglass doors do not. Unlike fiberglass wooden doors become faded over time and may even begin to peel. Wooden doors are less energy-efficient, and require regular maintenance in order to remain durable and effective. Exterior wooden doors also have a tendency to experience damage from moisture, as they are more exposed to the elements, which causes them to swell and warp. Furthermore, wooden doors carry risk of insect infestation, which fiberglass doors do not.

Fiberglass doors also have their disadvantages, the main one being their overall aesthetic; there’s just no substitute for an authentic vintage style wooden piece, no matter how well the fiberglass variant has been designed. Furthermore, installation and repair or fiberglass is specialized and costly, requiring special tools and professional skills.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to cost factors, there are a few things to consider. High quality fiberglass doors are more modern and tend to be pricier, however they will cost less over the years in terms of maintenance and energy-efficiency. Wooden doors may be a smaller up-front investment, but it is vital that you budget for regular maintenance in order to keep them at their optimal level of visual appeal and functionality. On wooden doors, basic maintenance and repairs can be carried out at home with minimal training or experience.

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