How to Decorate your Apartment for Comfort

When you walk in the door of your apartment home, you want to instantly plop onto the sofa, snuggle into your bed, or dip into a warm bath, but comfort is much more than just a physical feeling. When we are truly comfortable, all of our senses are at ease, and your apartment’s décor  is incredibly important in creating that atmosphere.

Decide what Comfort Is to You

Before you decorate, you have to think about how you relax. For some, comfort may be a room with soft couches, open space, and bright light, while others may prefer a library full of dark greens and blacks, stained wood, and plenty of comfortable chairs for reading.

Calming Colors

Regardless of your preferences, neutral elements will help you relax when you step in the door of your luxury apartment home. Surround yourself with calming natural décor like wood accents. Add a bonsai tree and a wooden coffee table for serenity, and surround that with a white couch and end tables to keep the neutral appeal.

Think About All of your Senses

If you have a room full of warm yellows, browns, and corals, but the windows are drafty, you’ll see warmth, but you certainly won’t feel it. Make sure to complement your warm colors with a matching blanket. Also, keep sound in mind when possible; your study shouldn’t be right next to the hallway or kid’s room, for instance.

Update Textures

Many luxury apartments have stylish hardwood floors, so why not contrast the natural look with bold colored black linins and layered throw-rugs. Add a rustic coffee table to the mix to bring the style together.

Give it a Personal Touch

While you want guests to feel at home, you’ll be the one spending most of your days at your new apartment. Create a photo wall art with pictures of pets or family, or add family heirlooms onto floating shelves to give your modern apartment a vintage vibe.

Keep it Natural

Nothing compliments a upscale apartment like a beautiful branch and flower arrangement in a glass vase or a statement-making rubber plant next to an ocean-blue vase or glass sculpture. Plants help give life and structure to otherwise cluttered areas.



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