8 Kitchen Cabinetry Designs for Small Kitchens

Custom kitchen cabinets are among the most significant elements of a kitchen. A right kitchen cabinet for your home must utilize space to its full potential, with much needed storage and great design. Therefore if you have a small kitchen, it goes without saying that small kitchen cabinets will as well be needed.

In general, a standard wall cabinet is 12 inches deep and 24 inches high, while base kitchen cabinets are 24 inches deep and 36 inches high. These can still vary depending on what will sit on top of the base cabinet such as a sink, countertop or stove.

When your kitchen cannot accommodate cabinets in standard sizes, your best option is to have custom small cabinets built in your kitchen to provide you with enough storage for your small space. If you have a small space and wanting to explore your options on kitchen cabinetry designs, read on.

1. Color Matching Cabinets

In this kitchen, the cabinets take the same color of the wall, creating a seamless space without edges or boundaries. In addition, its white paint reflects light which enhances the sense of space, making the kitchen feel bigger and the walls appear to recede.

TIP: While using pale colors is a safe approach to make a room appear bigger, deep tones like black, navy blue and charcoal also create the impression that the walls are farther back than they really are.

2. Glass Front Cabinets

Another way to make a small kitchen appear larger is by placing cabinets with glass front doors. This kitchen utilizes wall cabinets with glass fronts allowing you to look past the cabinet frames, into its depths, so the walls look farther away.

Note: This hack is only effective when you keep the contents of the cabinets orderly and coordinated. Clutter will only defeat the purpose and in the end make a room feel crowded.

3. Lazy Susan Cabinets

A lazy Susan in the kitchen not only provides more storage, but also helps you easily access and organize kitchen supplies. Some options even include shelves that swing out with drawers for easy pull-out and a tiered organizer that uses more vertical space to rotate items.

TIP: There are various types of lazy Susans that can be customized for your small kitchen, including a fixed pole or freestanding full-circle or semicircle trays. It is best to choose what will complement with your kitchen to maximize its use.

4. Island Cabinets

A kitchen island is in style these days for a good reason. Not only does it add functionality and class, but also provides additional storage for your small kitchen. Even a petite island similar to the one in this kitchen can reduce clutter in your working area since it can store larger pots, pans and other supplies that don’t fit elsewhere.

5. Under the Stairs Cabinets

Image Source: Pinterest

Placing cabinets under the staircase is one of the best tricks to use the area underneath the stairs. Similar to this picture, the kitchen itself is tucked in one corner, giving out more floor space to use. It is a perfect way to hide any clutter from view and make items easily accessible whether you’re on your way in or out of the kitchen.

6. Stacked Cabinets

Image Source: Pinterest

Since space is tight in small kitchens, stacking cabinets until they touch the ceiling can be an ideal way to create extra storage spaces. This additional space offers organizational solutions to allow for more working space on the counter.

TIP: Adding a ladder, like in this kitchen, not only makes the upper storages easily accessible but also creates interest in your space.

7. Recessed Cabinets

Image Source: Pinterest

A recessed cabinet or carved-out cabinet used in this kitchen creates additional storage to a small kitchen, without obstructing. It is typically more aesthetically pleasing, as it blends in with the surrounding space instead of projecting out. It is often shallow, making it a good storage for items that should be easily accessible like spices and condiments.

8. Mirrored Cabinets

Image Source: Pinterest

Aside from adding more storage, a mirrored cabinet can visually expand a space, making it ideal for small kitchens. Additionally, a mirrored surface can fit in with any style of interior your space has. It can also illuminate your space without being too bright by reflecting the daylight that seeps into your kitchen.

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