Functional Bathroom Designs to your Future Home

As you are considering layouts and design for a future home, function plays a major role! Bathroom design is no different. They come in all sizes and shapes. At times bathroom space is at a premium, and at other times a bathroom can be spacious and lush.

No matter what your future home has for a bathroom space, consider these functional bathroom designs to love your new bathroom.

Functional Accessories

The best way to get a luxurious feeling bathroom is to pay attention to the details. Rain shower heads will look and feel amazing in your new bathroom. Bluetooth shower speakers will set the mood from a loud, high energy night to a slow, peaceful and calm retreat. These items are both functional and stylish and will add a great dimension to your home. has many options available to design your bathroom with.

Dividing The Space

Separating out functions of the bathroom into their own individual spaces will add to your bathroom layout. Allowing more than one person to utilize the bathroom at a time is key to adding functionality to your bathroom. Think about half walls, divider cabinets and pocket doors to separate and designate areas for different uses. With these ideas, someone can be applying makeup while the other is brushing their teeth. Hectic mornings of banging on the door are gone with this technique.

Hide It

Storage space is an absolute necessity in an efficient and tidy bathroom. Even if your space is at a premium, think creatively to add out of sight storage for your items when working in a smaller bathroom. Vanities with under counter storage are great. Tall armoires and cubby shelving work well by using the vertical space instead of relying on floor area. If additional storage is needed, look to the hallway or an adjacent closet. Many times a feasible solution is within arms reach.

Be About The Surface

The right surfaces will make your bathroom space amazing. In your bathroom design, choose good surfaces that are sleek and stylish. Neutral colors usually work the best. Think about lasting style and value versus trendy designs that you may dislike next year.

Take into consideration how easy it is to maintain the cleanliness of the surfaces. A surface that is hard to clean or to keep clean will end up being a regret.

Add Your Own Charm

When designing your future bathroom layout, keep it simple and open. Don’t overthink the details. A lot can be accomplished later in the design stage with accessories that are non-permanent. Chandeliers, pictures, and a votive all add dimension to your space without the cost or permanency of built-in bathroom hardware and accessories. 

It’s exciting to plan a future home. Having a functional and stylish bathroom is a dream to go along with those plans. The right accessories and hardware will create an amazing and stylish space for you in your new home. The style and layout of your future bathroom can be defined with the right colors, floor plan, storage, and accessories creating a space you love!


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