Artificial Trees: How to Show Them Off

We all try to keep our homes and yards bright, festive and full of color. Bringing bits of nature into your space, both local and exotic, is therapeutic and comforting and can bring a sense of peace and connection to the natural world. Small bunches of flowers and potted plants give us temporary accents, but it’s not anything we can count on for a regular home improvement…wilted and dying blooms happen all the time, and don’t always time their demise to match up with your annual summer barbeque. So, for versatility, longevity, and all-around beauty, you should consider investing in a collection of artificial trees to complete your décor.


Trees make much more of the space they’re in than typical house plants. From lush, abundant ficus trees to the precision of sculpted topiaries, they can fill up a corner of your home or frame a piece of art or furniture equally well. Artificial trees that fill vertical space are valuable style pieces, and are able to add depth, color and dimension in a variety of settings.


Various shades of greens can add a layering effect to a lighter room, and different heights can be placed on the floor or on shelves for a dynamic touch. Framing doorways offer an elegant entrance to your home, or as a lush gateway to your patio or garden. Again, the versatility of these faux trees lets you mix and match anywhere for maximum effect.



If you’ve found high-quality artificial plants, it’s time to find the best spots to show them off. Think natural, and identify places where you would put living plants. Windows are a great spot, even if they don’t need the sun; you can see them from inside and out, and the sunlight highlights all the color. Balconies and patios are also ideal…just make sure that they are UV-resistant and waterproof, or else those colors will fade. Even a corner in a bathroom makes a great spot to add a natural pop of color, and to hide fixtures and pipes. And, with a variety of artificial trees, you can always move them around or swap out different planters depending on your mood. No need to worry about adequate soil or sunlight…just a quick dusting, and you’re good to go!


Blending In

If you’re ready to invest in the best artificial trees out there, do some research and be prepared to spend a bit. Today’s faux plants are often hand-crafted, with incredible detail and quality materials, but, considering the long lifespan and very low maintenance, will offer incredible value. When you’re shopping, look for artful imperfections.

No plant is perfect, so variances in leaf color and shape are great signs the producer is paying attention. Also, look closely at the trunks. Do they have texture and nodes, like a real trunk would? Some brands even use real tree trunks, and you can’t get more genuine than that! Consider topping your planter off with some real dirt, and putting it on top of a saucer or drip plate; it doesn’t need any soil or water, but no one needs to know that! Feel free to mix them in with other greenery you might have around the house to complement a collection.

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