6 Tips to Get Great Discounts on Office Furniture  

Setting up an office is no easy task. There is a lot on your plate that you should deal with! Speaking of which, buying office furniture is among these hurdles. Don’t worry. If you are anxious we are here to help with the following tips.

Have a Plan

Get a rough idea of what you want your office space to look like. This will help you deduce what type of furniture you should buy. Without a direction, you will get carried away and end up buying stuff you have no use for.

If you can’t come up with a plan, then you need to ask around the office and gather other’s input.  Having a plan will give you a good idea about where new furniture is required around the office.

Do some research

Don’t just go to the first shop and buy everything. Instead, you need to do your research by shopping around. Many shops today have office furniture available for sale. You have to check out what different stores are offering you.

Try going to a supplier as they can land you quite good deals on used furniture that will cost you nearly half the money. This way, you will have a great product for less.

Consider Practical and Comfort

We are not saying that office furniture shouldn’t look elegant, but your priority should be comfort before all else. So, look for practicality before anything else. For example, if you are buying a desk check for the available leg room underneath the desk.

If you are buying a swivel chair, check what heights they offer.

You want the furnishing to be as comfortable as possible. Consider the needs of your employees to get a good sense of direction.

Look for Used Furniture

Refurbished furniture is almost as good as new, but it comes at half the cost. You need to look for suppliers who offer a great selection of used office furniture from established brand names. Many stores deal in used furniture only.

So, if you have a larger workforce, this is probably your best bet. Buy used workstations and other items from these suppliers, and you will be god to go.

Furnished Office Packages

This is yet another way to save money when buying furniture for the office. Buy either in bulk or a furnished office package. For example, many companies offer a complete package that will furnish your whole office for a cost per square metre.

It looks expensive but believe us, this is completely the other way around. This will help you save big bucks that you can invest in something else.

Ask for a Discount

Try dubbing it as “Professional Courtesy,” you are buying the stuff for your workforce, so don’t be hesitant to ask for a discount. Whenever you make a large purchase, you should never feel ashamed to ask for a discount orspecial offer.

This is yet another effective way for you to save money.  Just follow what we said and you will save considerably when it comes to purchasing furniture for your office.


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