In Good Company – What to Look for in an Interior Design Company

So, it’s time to redecorate or re-design your home. Great! A change is as good as a holiday. There’s a few ways to go about it. You can check out some online tools, you could potentially hire a professional, or you could do heaps of reading and make some decisions for yourself. We do recommend hiring a qualified interior designer though, because they do it for a living and they do it well. However, choosing a company can be hard work, and you’re often spoiled for choice. So let’s check out a few things to look out for while choosing the crew who are going to give your home a makeover.

They Need to Be Local

Looking for an interior design company in Melbourne? Melbourne’s a big place. Do you want to choose a company that’s based in Cremorne when you live in Officer? Probably not. Imagine that drive just to visit them for a meeting.

A good tip is to set a 10-20 km radius from your home and choose a company that’s within that circle. That way they’re only a short drive away for meetings. Besides, they’ll probably visit your place more often than you visit their office so make it easier for them and they’ll be less stressed and more likely to perform at their peak.

Accountability and Integrity

The next step is to pick a firm that is accountable, reliable and operates with integrity. A good measure of this is your first call. Do they answer promptly? Are you able to speak to someone immediately? If not, do they return your call within their promised time frame?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, try another company and keep trying until you find one that values your time. A company with strong values will ultimately deliver a better service that you’ll be satisfied with rather than one that acts as if your custom is a chore.

Check Out Their Portfolio

Any interior design company worth their salt will have their finger on the pulse of all the current trends. This should be reflected within their portfolio. They should have a thick folder full of all their recent projects to give you an idea of the type of work they’re capable of. If they don’t have a physical portfolio, they should have an online equivalent. If they don’t, or if their portfolio is light/doesn’t impress you, keep shopping around.

Can They Operate Within Your Budget?

This is an important point. There’s no use going to the top end of Toorak and picking the most prestigious design firm you can if you can’t afford it. In your initial conversations with your prospective companies, give them a sense of your operating budget early on in the process. That way, they’ll be able to tell you if you can afford their services or not. So, make this clear from the start and avoid disappointment.

After All These Tips, Remember to Follow Your Gut

It’s good to ensure that you pick a local company, as this will save in time and travel for both parties. Make sure their customer service and integrity is impeccable, or go elsewhere. Inspect their portfolio and make sure it aligns with your needs, and also ascertain if they can meet your budget requirements. However, ultimately, you need to go with a company that feels right and that you connect with on a gut level. Don’t underestimate your initial reactions to people and their services. When all these above things align, you’re on the right track.


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