Asian Bedroom Designs Ideas

For be adapted in the our time, traditional Asian bedroom design had supported new modifications, but this modifications are without deviating the form and the basic principles. Low platform beds tend to capture a lot of design trends in the West, but also around the world, these beds wrapped in white cotton sheets and pillows decorated with dark color to highlight color of the wood, creating an atmosphere of a spa particular aspect, making the one who sits on the bed to feel special relaxation. Sturdy bamboo beds can be used in the bedroom decorated with pillows with Indian prints to color fabrics used in the decor. Furniture with Asian issues is quite a simple model and is perfectly adapted to industrial design ideas, being usually linear and elegant. Bodies Asian furniture adapted bedrooms are usually made ​​of wood and have a natural finish with a dark giving a clean look, trunk are present in bedrooms with Asian trends are still kept in the background.

In woven baskets and find Asian bedrooms boxes which are also interesting pieces for additional storage space giving a distinct originality to Asian bedroom. A wooden chair or two can be found in the bedroom decorated in Asian style, but often the seat is made on the floor, so it is normal to find beautiful carpets or rugs, bamboo printed or placed directly on floor cushions.

That we can create an atmosphere typical Asian in the room can add our design objects such as:

  • Mirror that can give spaciousness.
  • Works with various paintings in the history of Asian countries
  • Bamboo decorations and architectural forms of Asian
  • Prosecution can be bamboo or cork
  • Light is good to be embedded in the walls to provide natural light and give a tone of simplicity, may still be used for lighting but also for the lamps or lamps suspended atmosphere.

Wall color has a very important role in highlighting parts with your design. You can use contrasting colors but care must be taken to the mismatch of colors, you can see an older article published by us about the colors for interior design.

Foto source: designer Ellen Sew N Sew.


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