1960 Year Trend Bedroom Design brought up to Date

The 60s was the protests and rebellion era of the young it was the hippie and free love time, and is the period when it was founded the concept of modern interior design. The sixties were all about discovering color, which were bold and strong. The great thing about decorating from this era is that many of the original pieces of furniture and accessories that are still available at thrift stores and flea markets by simply adding some colorful accessories to your bathroom, like a turquoise wall, grille decor or a neon colored op art wall decor and some bold graphics shape pices of furniture, you can revisit the sixties right now.
People want a place to lie down, to regroup and relax after a hard day of work and want to do this in a bedroom that is fresh and evocative as the current style. New trends in design bedroom is like an echo from the world of fashion. Many people love and bright playful style of retro type arrangement bring new trends of the 60s, especially among accessories. The color palette consists of the 60’s specific colors, bright and excentric such as, lemon yellow, bright green, etc.

In interior design, the ability to constantly adapt to new trends and current requirements in design is a challenge, because most people decorate their house according to the available budget. But you must not be saddend, for the
new trends in bedroom design are now in fashion and can be applied successfully even for those who have a lower budget. So uses accessories in bright orange tones, strong green and yellow, add a few pieces of furniture new or do a combination of pieces of furniture that you have painted a metallic piece of furniture or something lighter specific trend. For children’s rooms think of fruit colors: lime green, yellow lemon, orange or red apple citric. Adding elements to your room tissue genuine will design and create a believable space unique 1960s.


But if you want to not miss any element of decoring design from the 1960 year trend, you need the piece of resistence the mirrors and glass became the main room accessories during this period. Cover a wall with mirrors and add a mirrored disco ball to reflect the light in your room.


Also in the 60’s accessories were glass figurines which became popular for adults and hand made bunnies and stuffed animals were the main decor in children’s rooms. Photography became the wall hangings of choice from candid pictures of family members to posters of rock stars, to black and white landscapes by photographers like Ansel Adams. Another example of covering the wolls were pop art reminiscent of Andy Warhol who was famous for his paintings of Campbell’s soup and Marilyn Monroe. Lava lamps and Hawaiian tiki carvings are also great room accessories of the time.

In conclusion there are meny accesories that you can combine to create a 1960 bedroom brought up to date in style and retro elegace.




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