The Hot New Color for 2012 in Interior Design

The hot new color for 2012 is already on everyone’s lips and will be presented in future collections in fashion and interior design. Tangerine Tango, a “dramatic” combination of red and orange, was chosen as the defining shade for 2012 in a report released in December 8 by Pantone Color Institute. It is well-known that Pantone Color Institute forecasts annually the color for the upcoming year based on indicators of the current year related to sociology-economic and global influences from fashion to art, music to film and interior design. If last year’s color was the pink-ish Honeysuckle Rose, this vibrant reddish orange shade will make a splash and will inspire people in creating modern homes, on runaways or even on the streets in 2012.

Described as “vivacious” and “enticing”, Tangerine Tango is a bold and vivid color that uplifts people’s moods. By choosing to decorate using Tangerine Tango color scheme, you will create sophisticated but seductive interiors. Although many of you think it’s bold color, Tangerine  can be easily “matching” with lots of other colors or can be introduced into the background without striking, even when it comes to classic style.

In addition, it is an optimistic color, welcoming, full of energy. Those who will use this color, will show more courage and personality. Depending on your preference there are more intense or less intense shades that you can play as you wish. If you will choose to decorate the everything in Tangerine, you can soften its intensity with accents of khaki, brown or black. You can get an exciting look and vibrant space using several shades of Tangerine in the same room. For creating a fresh look, combinations of tangerine and neutral colors like white will be just perfect.

Choose having accents like pillows, bedspreads and tabletop accessories in this high-impact hue to add spice to any room, if you don’t want to stress too much with painting walls and ceiling. You’ll be surprised how many decorations you will find in this  contagious color. Whether you paint walls, have doors or furniture in this gorgeous color, you can have your home out of the crowd by that will be modern and trendy.



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