Ask A Roofing Cincinnati Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation in Ohio?

Did you know that your home’s attic is more than a storage area and a part of the total roofing system? So to keep your house cool, you need to make sure your attic is aptly ventilated. The right ventilation will not only keep your monthly energy bills low but also increase the longevity of your roof.  

Proper ventilation is essential because fresh, clean air will find its path into your attic, and let the stale air move out of your house. This way, your home remains at an unvarying temperature as well as proper humidity is maintained, irrespective of the season.

According to an article published on, the attic is that place in your house to cool your rooms during the hot, summer days. That is why roof ventilation matters. Here is why:

Uniform ventilation

Uniform ventilation is possible when the intake and the exhaust let the equal volume of airflow. That is because the natural air pressure leads to a pull-push effect around your home roofing system. When there is no proper exhaust, hot air cannot leave your house and therefore, require appropriate intake so that the air will move over the attic top, thus leaving torpid air at the base of your attic.

Circulation is controlled if your attic has vents on one of its sides. The effect is the same when you open the windows from one side of your room on a cool, breezy day. If you would like to learn more about roof ventilation, it is better you consult with experts from Half Price Roof Cincinnati.

Low energy bills

You know that warm air expands and rises, thus flowing naturally into your attic. The hot air will stay there if you have poor ventilation. Did you know that on a day recording 90 degrees Fahrenheit, attic temperatures might shoot up by 140 degrees or more? Now the poorly ventilated air will find its way to the lower levels of your house, making your AC and fans work harder, thus consuming more electrical energy, to keep your rooms cool during the summer months. The result is an inflated monthly power bill to rip you off financially.

Even a six percent of cooling, inflate your electricity bill each month, which is no small expense. Therefore, look for a professional roofing contractor for proper ventilation so that the warm, stale air moves up and goes out of your house instead of being trapped.

No ice dams in winter

During the harsh winter days, heat caught in your attic leads roof snow to dissolve and glide down to the gutters and eaves. These components do not receive the heat from your attic. When the snow thaws and moves to these colder areas it could freeze again, making a buildup that would block more snowmelt, which refreezes again.

The repeated ice buildup or ice dam is hazardous because water expands when it freezes, and this expansion of water, pooled freezes again, to push the roofing materials apart, thus letting moisture to enter the entire roofing system, leading to stained walls and ceilings, and damaged paint.


Fret not because a professional roofing contractor will ensure proper ventilation to keep your home cool and utility bills low.


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