Ask a Roofing Dallas Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation in Texas?

When homeowners consider replacing their existing roofs, it is common to see them evaluating the merits of different types of roofing materials, their maintenance requirements, and other aspects like appearance and price. As important as these aspects are, you need to consider the ventilation as well, as otherwise; you may encounter a several problems that will compromise the performance of your expensive roof, such as:

Buildup of Condensation 

Every home produces a lot of moisture from activities like cooking and hot showers and these lead towards the roof seeking to escape. If there’s inadequate ventilation, the moisture condenses and keeps on settling on the roofing materials and the roof structure. When this happens over a long time, it can result in the wooden beams, insulation materials, drywall, and other porous building materials absorbing the moisture and weakening, warping, and ultimately rotting. Nails, screws, and other fasteners and components made from steel will corrode and may cause the structure to fail. The damp environment is also ideal for the formation of mold that not only accelerates the decay of wooden surfaces and drywall but poses a serious health hazard to the occupants.

Damage to the Roof

If the heat and moisture that accumulates near the roof cannot escape due to improper ventilation, the roof may sustain damage in the long run that can significantly shorten its life. The damage may include warping of the decking, buckling of the shingles, and rotting of the wooden frame. The shingles may also be damaged due to the overheating while the moisture damage may extend even to the walls on the inside of the house and the building sidings. Inadequate ventilation may result in the roof failing prematurely and require undertaking an expensive replacement. According to, your insurance company may refuse to settle a claim for storm damage to the roof, citing improper maintenance.

Higher Utility Bills 

The poor ventilation of the roof leads to heat building up inside the house because it has nowhere to escape. The escalation of the indoor temperature will require you to run your air conditioning for longer, especially during the summer. Consequently, your energy bills are bound to be higher. An experienced roofing company like Ready Roofing & Renovation Dallas will be happy to help you to identify roof ventilation problems.

Formation of Ice Dams

The heat building up underneath the roof due to inadequate ventilation can cause the snow on the roof to melt in certain areas and refreeze near the roof’s edge forming an ice dam. These buildups of ice prevent the snow from sliding off and the extra weight can damage the roof. Also, water trapped under the ice layer can result in the roof leaking.


Ensuring proper ventilation in the roof is essential for the roof to perform well. The placement of the vents for air intake and exhaust should be decided by roofing professionals and you should ensure that they are kept free of blockages that can negatively impact the ventilation and ultimately require you to spend more on repairs, energy bills, and even premature roof replacement.


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