Aura Collection by Mikko Laakkonen – Lounge Chair and Sofa for Peaceful Interiors

With a well defined personality and gorgeous look, Aura Collection designed by Helsinki-based designer Mikko Laakkonen for Finnish producer Inno was recently awarded the red dot: best of the best 2013 design award for its elaborate and innovative design. Aura Collection consists of two highly creative furniture pieces: a cozy two-seater sofa and a sympathetic lounge chair, both designed with the highest material quality.


They showcase Finnish modern design and their minimalist colorful appearance makes them very stylish and attractive. Both have a clean and symmetrical structure, with rounded shapes, which allows you to mix them together to form harmonious and comfortable Aura groups or you can simply use the products separately.

Unlike the Aura chair which features a slightly lower back to give the person sitting in it the possibility to have a better view of the surroundings, the seductive Aura sofa has a higher back give a characteristic identity, and making it to work as a divider too.  It adapts to the lumbar area and clears the spinal column, offering a greater feeling of freedom. The chairs can also be used as side chairs. Available in different color combination to suit your taste and interior design.





Photos © Inno

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