Gas Vs. Electric Bosch Tankless Water Heater

Are there any people who have recently tried to choose the best type of high efficiency water heater for their apartment? Just wanted to share some of my ideas as for this issue. I have a task for the next two weeks which is to trim my bathroom with a new water heater. So, I have made some preliminary investigations concerning this matter.



I should say at once that the best place for such investigations is Westside Wholesale. It offers a unique choice of diversified water heater models and brands. There you can find almost anything that a modern technology progress can suggest for home marketing.

As for the brand I have almost no doubts. Bosch is my favorite one. This company has a long history and provides its customers with high quality products and good warranty and post-warranty services. If any spare part is broken, you are sure to replace it quickly and without some immense material contributions. So, returning back to Westside Wholesale website and their Bosh tankless water heaters page, here starts the main problem. What is more reasonable to choose a gas tankless water heater or an electric tankless water heater?


I have made up a list of the most important characteristics that can influence your choice. If there will be any additions I will be glad to read them as it will help not only me, but other readers as well.

The first crucial characteristic for any tankless water heater is its efficiency level. Here are two main concerns to be thought over. Both electric and gas tankless water heaters are highly efficient, but they have one big difference. Gas tankless water heaters need less time for heating the water while exploitation of electric tankless water heaters costs less in monthly energy expenses.

The second point is the price. Bosh gas tankless water heaters usually cost more than Bosh electric tankless water heaters. The price range differs significantly, though I have found several models that are of more or less similar prices for both gas and electric supplied water heaters. Just compare Bosch Tankless Water Heater, 240V 120A Electric Single-Point Powerstream Pro Canadian Model- Indoor and Bosch Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas 117,000 BTU Max Piezo Ignition Non-Condensing Whole House – Indoor, 5.2 GPM. Both cost about $700.00, have free shipping and feature a wide specter of useful characteristics.

Installation challenges. Again it is a two-fold situation. Electric tankless water heater installation is more difficult and usually should be performed by a professional which makes it more expensive. While gas tankless water heater installation process is not so complicated, but operating with gas related appliances is of great risk for your safety because natural gas fuel is easily exploded.

The environmental issue can also be of great importance especially for those who are concerned about this problem. It has been proved that gas water heaters use natural resources which negatively reflects on our planet. Besides, government testing states that electric tankless water heaters are safer.

The last crucial point that comes to my mind is Bosch tankless water heaters durability. The minimum life span of tankless water heaters, provided that they have been installed and maintained correctly, is about 10 years. Still following all the manufacturer’s requirements these terms can be significantly prolonged. Depending on size, installation process and corrosion and mineral build-up amount, Bosh electric tankless water heaters have an average life span as long as 25 years while Bosh gas tankless water heaters are more likely to serve you for about 20 years.

As for me I am still thinking what type of Bosch tankless water heater to buy. I will highly appreciate any advice from your side.



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