Futurist Australian High Speed Train by HASSEL

Amid national debates from Australia on environmental, economical and social issues, Australian firm Hassell envisioned in 2011 a new concept for a futurist high speed train as a reliable, safer, faster and eco-friendly alternative for future travel one of the busiest air traffic corridors in the world. Travelling with hundreds of miles per hour, the large distances between Australian capital and regional cities would take only a couple of hours.

The Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV) as it was named shows an impressive sleek design inspired by the brut lines of the iconic Australian speed machine the 1960s HK Monaro. With double-deck and posh interior perks, the high speed train offers spacious and modern open plan commuter seating or private berths for business meetings or luxury travellers. Moreover, commuters can have dinner or do their daily shopping before arriving at their destination because the train will have integrated a dining and a lounge bar and also a convenience store. Reducing carbon emissions, providing shorter travel times and reducing transport-related congestion are the main issues which the Australian High Speed Vehicle adresses.


Photos: © HASSEL.


Project details:

Discipline: Architecture/ Interior Design/ Urban Design / Planning
Expertise: Transport and Infrastructure
Year: 2011
Location: Australia
Status: Concept