Unique Vase-Shaped TV Stand for Modern Interiors

If you have in mind to replace your old TV stand and you’re looking for something that really stands out in your modern home, here we find an amazing TV stand idea which you’ll certainly love it. Dutch designer Léon van Zanten  reimagined the concept of the TV stand and designed Bloom TV Stand doesn’t look at all to those typical and uninspired designs, but displaying a highly original and artistic appearance. It has a wooden vase-shaped design and when you’re looking at it, the TV set seems to be a flower blooming.

With rounded edges, smooth surface varnished 3 times and preserving the natural look of the Birch wood, the Bloom TV Stand is very stylish and adds a dynamic touch visually hard to miss. What’s more interesting  and makes even more beautiful its design is that symmetrical wood pattern it has. Under the top, it features a special place for storing the DVD player and because it is hollow inside, the cables are neatly out of sight and exit the tv-stand through the hole on the back.

Photos: © Léon van Zanten.


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