Creative Bathroom Project by Gemelli Design

Ideal for large bathrooms, this modern bathroom design is definitely an invitation to relaxation and meditation. Designed with the idea of the never-ending connection between water and all forms of life in mind, this highly original, inspiring and imaginative bathroom project has as you probably guessed as main design element water. Bulgarian twin interior designers Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova from Sofia-based creative studio Gemelli Design imagined this space to give freedom of body and spirit, so they divided in two areas at different levels with specific functionality, connected by stairs.

Glossy tiles in white and blue combination suggesting geometric shapes all over the bathroom, comfortable bathroom and shower enclosure, minimalist wash-basins and toilet make this room a calm and peaceful environment ready to make you forget the busy day you’ve had. The overall design of this bathroom project looks glamorously modern.

Photos: Gemelli Design.


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