Unique Concept of a Floating Solar Resort

If you are tired to go on vacation and stay at classic hotels, Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante offers a great solution. He has designed the concept of a luxury floating solar resort, a project worth almost 125 mil. dollars. The resort in fact represents a new era of advanced construction techniques, based on industrial design rather than traditional architecture. Ideal for living in marinas connected to front beach hotels, it will be both accommodation, luxury submarine and yacht. Besides the fact that both inside and outside aesthetics is awesome, this innovative hospitality concept promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle and it will be constructed in harmony with its natural surroundings relying on renewal resources.

The floating resort will be covered completely in a photovoltaic skin, which will absorb sunlight energy from the outside and artificial lighting energy from the inside, therefore it will be 100% self-sufficient and non-polluting. Reaching twenty meters in length, the luxurious accomodation is designed for six persons as a modular system, with a series of separate floating units and will have a transparent capsule built like a tourist submarine with a thick glass enclosure that provides a 360 degrees view for those fascinated by watching exotic fishes, dolphins, sharks and any other sea species.

It’s big enough for six armchairs and features a ring of 200 watts spot light to illuminate the underwater life when there’s no sunlight. It consists of two double and two single bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining area, a living room and a pilot room, all designed in an exquisite unmistakable Italian style. Here are photos with this original project and it you want more information, check out also the video.

Photos source: behance.net


 Solar Floating Resort

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