Avoid These Kitchen Remodel Mistakes at All Costs

The average kitchen remodel can cost between $12,000 and $34,000. That’s a lot of money to invest to end up dissatisfied with your results or having to jump through tons of hoops. Believe it or not, however, many homeowners make costly mistakes that result in such outcomes. Then, they’re stuck with the choices of paying to try again or living for years with space they just don’t like. 

Though some things are beyond your control, in many circumstances it can be avoided. If you want your dream kitchen it is imperative that you don’t make these costly mistakes:

Overlooking Function and Workflow

When designing your ideal kitchen you have to consider workflow. The idea is to make tasks in the kitchen as simple as possible. From cooking a meal to grabbing something out the fridge it needs to flow accordingly. Some homeowners don’t consider this and start instructing contractors on placing things where they don’t belong. For example, putting the island on the opposite side of the kitchen as the stove means you’ll have to walk back and forth to prepare a meal. 

Putting Appliances at the Bottom of the List

Though appliances are likely the last things to be installed in a kitchen remodel they should not be the last items you choose when talking with the contractors. You’ll want to make sure that the appliances you choose will actually fit in the spaces you want them to go. If you choose cabinets but have no idea what fridge you want the cabinets could be installed too close together not leaving enough room for the fridge. 

Choosing the Wrong Sizes

You may have seen some cabinets that you really loved when looking on sites like https://www.gkandb.com/locations/mountain-view/ but will they fit in your kitchen? Buying cabinets without having proper measurements could be a disaster. They can take up too much space and make your kitchen look smaller or, even worse, they could not fit at all. Whether you’re shopping for cabinets, islands, barstools, or light fixtures, it is imperative to measure everything so you get the appropriate sizes. 

Not Considering Practicality with Materials

When choosing building materials for your kitchen remodel you have to think practically. Sure, those marble countertops and floors might look luxurious, but if you have small children, is it the most practical option? They can easily get hurt on such hard stone not to mention, natural stone is a lot harder to keep clean than other options like granite or laminate. 

Not Adding Incidentals in the Budget

You don’t have to have experience with home renovations to know that there are bound to be some bumps in the road. Construction can get tricky and depending on the age of your house and the type of work you want to be done there could be some underlying problems that need to be resolved first. Without the extra money in the budget to fix the matter,  the contractor then has to change the renovation plans or take money from some other design element you wanted to make up for it.

Not Choosing the Right Contractor

Here’s a mistake you really don’t want to make – choosing the wrong contractor. In order to save a few bucks, homeowners will hire a contractor that offers a low rate without checking their ratings or credentials. They pay for the work and end up with a sub-par result or worse, the project never gets completed. 

There are a lot of details involved in getting your kitchen remodeled, but if you aren’t paying attention to the details you could make some serious mistakes. Any of the above-mentioned mistakes, could set you back thousands of dollars or leave you with a kitchen you hate. So, plan in advance, make checklists and communicate with your contractors to avoid such mistakes on your remodel.


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