Everything You Need to Know About Roman Shades for Your Interiors

High class window shades will dress up any room with class and a relaxing aura. Roman designs are among the most popular for people who are willing to pay a little more. Some people shy away from these kinds of shades because they are on the expensive side, but remember that you always pay for what you get. The process of making these shades is so complex that it takes a full 80 steps to create a Roman shade, and it takes many different tools to make all of those steps come out just right. They’re difficult to make, take a lot of work and effort, and look dazzling in just about any kind of room. What else is there to know about these beautiful window shades?

Stacked and Smooth

These shades stack evenly when you begin putting them up at any level, which is handy for people who really like to let the light in. However, if you’re one of those people who want a full shade look when you’re lounging about the house, these shades smooth out when they’re down. They aren’t all bumpy like other types of shades. Fully down, they make quite an impressive and elegant look on the windows.

Four Style Options

You can choose from four different style options and some very clever interior designers might be able to show you some more nifty tricks with these styles so that you get an even more unique look. Styles include hobble, flat, batten front, and batten back. Batten front and back will have additional materials woven into the shade for a more distinct look. Each one of these is worth taking a look at in order to decide which style suits you best.

Fabric Choices

Having an elegant set of blinds is going to really add a lot of life and class to your home, but you will want shades that fit your own personal style. For example, some folks enjoy the silken shades look while others will go for good old dependable cotton shades. Polyester and grasscloth are two more popular choices for Roman shades. The fabric is very important. It will give your shades a completely different look depending on the fabric the shades are made out of, plus there will be some fabrics that block out more sunlight than others. If you enjoy a very dark room, some fabrics will work better than others. If you’re a person who appreciates a healthy dose of sun during your day, certain fabrics will work best.


Shades in the Roman tradition will have liner options to choose from. Liners are there to give you control over the sun and privacy. Blackout liners are going to help folks who want to have the majority of light blocked out during the day. A self-liner adds a touch of privacy but still lets some light come through. And of course, you can always opt for no liner and just let the sun come through naturally, as it will, on any given day. Privacy and control of the light coming in through your windows are all within your grasp when you opt for the Roman style.

Electronic Control Options

Shades need to be handy to adjust when you need to, as well as durable enough to handle all the adjustments over the years. If you want to take a more hands-off approach and leave your shades with a longer lifespan, there are electronically controlled roman styles you can get that allow you to move the shades up or down at the press of a button. The advantage of this is that it’s often quicker to get the height on the shades that you want to without having to use your hands. This might increase their lifespan, but the mere convenience of it is enough to make many people go this route with their shades. Cord free versions give you the opposite advantage. You can use your hand to adjust the blinds up or down in a very convenient way.

Shades are one of the most important interior decorating decisions you will ever make. They truly impact the way the room looks and feels to you and to all of your visitors, so choosing the right color options and style of your shades will be paramount to how your environment makes you feel. You can always sample different shades and see how they might look on your windows, or you can have a professional give you advice as to what would look best in your current rooms that you want the shades in. These shades may be a bit more experience, but the elegance they bring to the table is well worth the extra expense. They’re a timeless symbol of sophistication and beauty.


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