Banco Ciudad Headquarters by Foster and Partners

The new corporate headquarters for Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires designed by Foster and Partners, working with construction firm, CRIBA S.A. and local architect, occupies the entire city block in the neighborhood of Parque Patricia. Design for Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires reflect the setting of park-side buildings, with landscaped courtyards and shaded sidewalks, using materials that are based on past industrial site to enhance the unique character of the neighborhood.

The system site extends to the limits and is arranged as an internal campus of ‘villages’, which are interconnected with circulation routes and external landscaped patios.
Light filled spaces are united by a flowing roof , supported by thin pillars, designed to shade the large entrance plaza, Large atrium directs circulation between four levels of offices with terraces, all with direct view to the park. Based on a grid of eight square meters of floor plates are generous allowing a high degree of flexibility in planning work-spaces.

Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires project

Is designed to have an impact-positive on the environment and social environment of the city. The plans are part of an initiative to regenerate largest Patricia Barrio Parque, an area with a mild form of industrial southern city that is emerging as a focus of a high-tech focus of industrial aspects. The Project is practically the first office developed in Argentina, incorporates a number of sustainable features and aims LEDD SILVER Accreditation. This exposed including use of thermal mass with chilled beams for according cooling, and reducing energy demand through shaded facades that are oriented according shade protection on the path of the sun, but also by encouraging natural ventilation.




 photos:© Foster + Partners


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