Refinement and Elegance Expressing Samuele Mazza’s Design Approach

Samuele Mazza‘s design approach is intriguing, gorgeous, timeless, exceptionally imaginative and that’s why even the summer season is almost at the end, we couldn’t resist no to share with you one of his newest outdoor furniture collection spotted on his website. With a background in fashion design, editor of several books for Electa Mondadori and now in furniture and interior design, Samuele Mazza is one of the most eclectic personalities of our times.

His creations for interior design try rather to create expressive spaces, full of life, than follow academic schemes. You think that his imagination met no boundaries when designing such amazing furniture pieces and you don’t have to believe us, just have a look at these pictures. His unmistakable style is an impressive combination between luxury, refinement and elegance captured in shabby chic- inspired shapes that we expect to see in the back garden of new age castle owners. Created for outdoors, this awesome collection is definitely something unique: an eclectic mix of luxurious divans and settees and lucious baldachin area with table and chairs that impresses through minimalist design approach enhanced by gracious lines and great details which add value to the furniture items.

Photos: © Samuele Mazza.


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