Bare Naked: Tile Removal in Perth

  Many would enjoy beautiful wood flooring if it weren’t for the time and effort it takes to remove tile. Start and it may be the last straw for do-it-yourself home renovations. Besides being loud and messy business, tile removal is extremely labor intensive without the right tools. Fortunately, Perth’s own tile removal companies are equipped to quickly dispose of every type of tile. The following article outlines the work and preparation involved in tile removal.3

The Works

Because tile removal seems uncomplicated, many attempt to strip a room themselves. However, when they lack the requisite tools and expertise, the job is anything but easy. For this reason, it is common for specialists to start a job a client has already begun. Again, this is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be a source of defeat or embarrassment. Save the back-breaking scraping and grinding for the professionals.4

No type of tile or flooring is a match for the specialists. From vinyl floors to kitchen tiles, the tile removal companies perform expert store tile removal in Perth. Recognizing the difference between types of tile, such as terra cotta and ceramic, also gives the specialists an advantage. The weight of the former often causes them to break when separated from their cement based adhesive. The specialists are prepared for this and employ pneumatic floor scrapers to get the job done as quickly as possible. Yet, quality isn’t sacrificed with speed.

Included in tile removal is the removal of adhesive. This is the sticky part of the job responsible for all the frustration. Diamond grinding is necessary to effectively remove all the glue for both terra cotta and ceramic tile removal. This restores the concrete to an even and pristine state. In addition, specialists are able to strip white coat or plaster back from brickwork in order to expose potential tiling locations.

All the work required in tile removal creates excess dust. For this reason, specialists do everything to ensure homes and businesses are safe. Dust minimisation includes the use of high powered extractor fan and vacuum attachments to grinders and double-checking all adjacent rooms are closed off from the work area. This care and attention effectively decreases dust in an environmentally friendly way.

Planning and Safety

In order to ensure homes and businesses are prepared for tile removal, owners should review the following recommendations.


  • Furniture
  • Major appliances
  • Cords and electronics
  • Decorations
  • Objects with sentimental value


  • Cupboards with tiles are empty
  • Windows and doors in the workspace are able to be opened
  • Smoke alarms are covered
  • Areas outside of the workplace are isolated

Other considerations include taping cardboard and plastic sheeting around cupboards, doors and benches, letting neighbors know about potential noise and checking the air circulation. Although the specialists work carefully and respectfully, following these suggestions ensures that there are no unwanted dusty rooms, nicks from cumbersome machinery or noise-pollution complaints.

Experience and Credentials

Spending years sanding floors in both residential and commercial areas led to the formation of a business that specializes in tile removal and strips all kinds of surfaces. Now, We Can Strip boasts 30+ years of experience as a team of floor specialists.

We Can Strip is willing to serve anyone in Perth or WA County. Reach their team over the phone to learn more or fill out a service request online to receive immediate assistance you can trust.



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