What puts the ‘Chesterfield’ in a Chesterfield Sofa?

Those who know them, love them. Those who try them, love them! If you have done neither, you’re missing out. Still, as a skeptic, you may ask just what puts the ‘Chesterfield’ in Chesterfield sofa? Well that’s a great question and the answer, though simple, is actually so much more.


What puts the ‘Chesterfield’ in Chesterfield sofa? As a matter of fact, the definition of just what makes a Chesterfield sofa that way is rather simple. The Chesterfield sofa has got two characteristics which set it apart: a tufted back and rolled arms. That’s it really. You will know what the distinction when you are seated on one though as the Chesterfield sofa has got comfort and style which just won’t quit. Even though Chesterfield is the style of sofa there are several different designs which can accommodate your different expectations.era-chesterfield-sofa(1)

Era Chesterfield: One of the most popular styles of Chesterfield sofa is the Era collection. This style is all about panache and the look and feel of these sofa are second to none. You will feel as though you have just stepped back in time when you step into a room outfit with the Era collection of Chesterfield sofa. If this temperament suits your own attitude then you would be wise to scoop this sofa up. It comes in your choice of colors so you can be sure and get the perfectly outfit sofa with all the finer details that you want.

Gladstone Chesterfield: Another great style which hearkens back to another time, the Gladstone style of Chesterfield sofa makes a lot of sense. This sofa will be perfectly matched to your home office or even in the office of a high ranking executive in your business. The Gladstone sofa is where business gets done and you can elevate the level of discourse and deal making when you have a room outfit with such a striking sofa.

Bolton Chesterfield: One more type of glamorized Chesterfield sofa is the Bolton collection. You can bet that the type of things going on at one of these sofas will be taken with the gravitas afforded when this sofa makes an appearance. You are struck down when you slip into this amazing piece of furniture and so too will your guests be.

Durham Chesterfield: A different and totally amazing style of sofa may be the Durham collection from Chesterfield. You can bet that this is a great sitting sofa if that is what you’d like. You could also get this for your daughter if you have one and she can host parities in her room with her friends. The Durham collection is something of the softer side of the Chesterfield collection but it’s no less striking in a sitting room for folks of any age and of every different rank in society.

If you have asked yourself too many times, “just what puts the ‘Chesterfield’ in a Chesterfield sofa?” you may be asking the wrong question. If you know how great a Chesterfield sofa is then you definitely are going to want to sit on one again and again. If you haven’t found a good resource for where to get the very best Chesterfield sofas then perhaps you haven’t been to the Chesterfield Sofa Company. With a full lineup of all of your favorite styles and colors of Chesterfield sofa you can count on this team to help you land your very best sitting experience of your life. Come, sit, enjoy all that is afforded you when you upgrade your interior and upgrade your life with one of these amazing sofas!



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