Bathroom renovation tips that do not cost too much

As people seek more convenience and comfort, the style and design of bathrooms keep changing. You might have created one of the most stylish bathrooms many years ago, but now, it can make you sad when you compare it with some contemporary bathrooms. Your bathroom does not seem attractive anymore, although functionally, it works well.

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From the cabinetry to the bathtub, everything might seem like an eyesore to you, and going for a bathroom remodeling project could put an end to your woes. The thought of bathroom renovation and upgrades might seem intimidating due to the high costs. Take heart to the fact that you can achieve your improvement goals at a lesser price, too, provided you know about some modest upgrades that can provide high-impact results. 

Refresh the looks

It is not always that outdated style and design cause your unhappiness with your bathroom, but the wear and tear undergone over the years have damaged the looks and made things worse. Instead of thinking about a complete makeover, revamp your bathroom, make a list of problems that you are facing, and address these could give new looks to your bathroom. The floors might be rotting, and mold growth can pose health problems. Water leaks are common it leaves unsightly strains at various places that look ugly. The fixtures might look faded and worn out. Addressing the problems one by one in a phased manner will limit the cost and refresh the looks, which should be comforting and acceptable.

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Create more storage space

The crammed looks of the bathroom might weigh heavily on you and a reason for your unhappiness. An easy way to give your bathroom a facelift is to change the tiles or the accessories that provide new stylish looks. To make the bathroom clutter-free, increase the storage space by replacing the old cabinets with some modern and stylish ones with a space-saving design. You will be surprised how a small looking cabinet can hold lots of items.

 Hidden tank toilet

Another way to make your bathroom look sleek and spacious is to replace your existing toilet with a hidden tank. These toilet models have the water tank installed inside the wall to remain invisible and an excellent choice for small bathrooms. Besides saving space, the low flow models consume less water every time you flush, and it saves water. The toilets are available in various styles and suitable for any bathroom design. 

Macerating toilets, also called upflush toilets, are ideal for bathrooms in basement rooms and outhouses. They typically use less water, so they’re also pretty environmentally friendly. If you’re thinking about changing your old toilet, an upflush toilet is worth considering.

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Bathtubs are optional

 If you already have a bathtub, review its use and how many times you have spent time soak in its comfort. Considering the busy lifestyle of our times, you might not be using it at all. If that is the case, then removing the bathtub will suddenly make your bathroom too much spacious. You can use the space for a shower cubicle that takes up much less space and decorate it with tiles and glass that looks trendy.

Most importantly, it becomes one of the attractions of the bathroom. 


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