The Perfect Bed for Every Prince Charming

Every prince charming deserves a sanctuary that feels like his castle. What better room to serve as your prince’s retreat from the pressure and responsibility of day-to-day life, royal or otherwise, than his bedroom.

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Designing a bedroom fit for a prince is no small task, and it all starts with finding the perfect bed. The perfect bed for a prince simply must make an impression. How though, what elements need to come together to make the perfect royal bed? Let’s dive into just that before taking a look at some options for your prince charming.

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The Makings of a Perfect Prince Bed

A bed worthy of a prince needs to be stately, elegant, and even a bit grand. It should draw your eye the minute you step into the room. When designing a prince’s bedroom think of all the qualities of a throne room paired with the comfort and relaxation of a luxury spa.

Utilize Princely Proportions

Making a statement is what royalty is all about. One of the easiest and most effective ways to turn a bed into a statement piece is by scaling it up. Princely proportioned beds should utilize expansive headboards. Think of it as translating the look and feel of a highbacked throne onto a bed frame. An extra tall headboard can create an opulent look even in a room that doesn’t have a lot of floor space. An impressive headboard can’t help but draw your eye.

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Prioritize Quality Materials

When you want a look that embodies elegance and grandeur there’s really no substitute for quality products and proper craftsmanship. Choose a company that uses only refined knit fabrics, high gloss enamels, top-end eco pelle leather, and other equally high caliber materials. Making sure the furniture you buy is built with first-rate materials will not only ensure a rich aesthetic feel, but it also ensures that your furniture lasts longer even underwear and tear.

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Simplicity is Key

Superfluous adornments and ornate carvings may add to the regal elegance of a princess bed, but for a prince simplicity is key. Lean into a modern minimalist design. Utilize long clean lines and crisp angles to capture the eye. Understated embellishment like tasteful piping and tufting will add elegant detail without detracting from the power of the proportions and opulence of the materials.

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Princely Beds You Can Buy Right Now

Here are three beds that have exactly the right combination of imposing proportions, quality craftsmanship, and striking simplicity.

ludlow beds | Modloft

The ludlow bed’s breath-taking button-tufted eco pelle headboard stands a striking five feet tall and features an elegant contrasting wood border. The wood border extends from the headboard down to the floor and along the outer edge of the fourteen-inch platform. This stately bed is impossible not to stare at.

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bond beds | Modloft

A stunning four-foot angled headboard features folded wings that wrap softly along the side of this princely bed. The classically woven fabric and slight hug of the winged headboard create a warm and inviting place to lay one’s head. While the eco pelle leather accent piping adds a touch of elegance by running horizontally across the headboard and down the edges of the matching upholstered box frame. This bed is the retreat a prince deserves.

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prince beds | Modloft

To start the prince beds | Modloft section, the aptly named prince bed is a stunning piece of furniture. Certain to be the focal point of any bedroom this distinctive bed features a five-foot-tall headboard. The distinctive headboard sports upholstered horizontal channels finished in eco pell leather. Chrome feet add a final touch of opulence to this perfectly royal platform bed.

Any of these beds would make the perfect centerpiece for your princes’ chambers. And now that you know what to look for in the makings of royal furniture you can find the perfect bed for your prince charming.


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