Beautiful and Flexible Interior Solution – Modular Shelving from Movisi

Motionless and boring furniture? Make your life a little bit better and fun with these creative modular shelving system we’re presenting you in today’s post. Designed by British designers Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet for eco-friendly home furnishings brand Movisi, “Build” shelving draws attention through unique design, versatility, multifunctionality and safety of materials. With an intriguing honeycomb-like appearance, “Build” is the perfect alternative to nowadays toxic furniture items, being 100% recyclable and adapting to your ever-changing needs.

Wohndesign - weisses Sofa vor grüner Wand

Shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall, “Build” inspires creativity. Flexible and multifunctional, it allow you to create an endless variety of configurations and forms in minutes, very easily, without tools and auxiliary instructions and help you discover new ways of design your space. It’s built from a series of identical units that can be assembled in various orientations, at different height. In fact, the essence of it is only a single modular element which can be multiplied by adding new other units as you redecorate your rooms, move into a bigger house, buy more books, transport box, storage box or seating.


Mix and match with its two versions available (black and white) and that’s all. Besides that, what we like at “Build” is that, unlike the majority of furniture pieces that are made from pressed wood like plywood, MDF or Fiberboard (which contains Folmaldehyde, a highly toxic substance that evaporates over years and causes cancer), this stylish shelving is made from expanded polypropylene, which Movisi claim is completely non-toxic, lightweight, waterproof and resistant against chemicals. So, no trees are cut to build it!

The units are so light, it even floats on water, which makes very easy for you to lift and move it around on your own. “Build” comes with a textured, silky surface and is ideal for offices and pop-up stores as well.  Room dividers and free-standing partitions for different interior settings can be also configured. For inspiring interios check out these lovely pictures or come up yourself with new, original ideas!





Photos © Movisi


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