A New Facet to the Meaning of Comfort- Ease Chair from Arco

With such a wide range of chair designs on the market nowadays, it’s sometimes hard to choose one model that suits you best. Most of the time, there are furniture pieces like chairs that, which looks extremely beautiful and are amazing in terms of design, but lacks in terms of comfort and functionality; and of course, the contrary, they don’t look very well, an ordinary design that even doesn’t draw your attention, but is very functional and highly comfortable. We have to recognize that most of us look for items that incorporates all these things and fortunately we can find such products.



An example of this type is this good-looking chair we’re showing you today, which we recently discovered via @archiproducts.com. Designed by Vogtherr and Prestwich, the “Ease” is a new design concept for chairs launched by Arco, a Dutch brand that produce in the Netherlands high quality furniture for both offices and homes, for more than a century. Their genuine passion for what they do, expertise and the innovative technology is confirmed by their great furniture products.

The “Ease” has a modern, minimalist design, sophistication and pure forms to highlight its functionality. As high quality craftsmanship and comfort are the most important aspects when buying a seat, “Ease” have both these things, plus a unique feature such as that of the back rest, which consists of flexible ‘fingers’ that mould to fit your body. Moreover, you can order to be designed according to your height, so in this way you’ll have a fantastic comfort and you can lean back whenever you want for endless enjoyment. “Ease” is available in both two toned upholstery and choices of either wooden or sled base.



White-chair-with-oak-legsYellow-design Yellow-upholstered-chair

Photos © Arco



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