Make Your Home Less Ordinary with Vitamin’s Unique Pendant Lamp Designs

People in general like to be original and unique in everything they do, and when it comes to decorate their homes  it’s unlikely to want something else. Their interior design should express their personality and be something authentic, with one-of-a kind designs that really make the difference.

We recently find out the London-based company Vitamin, who’s mission is to manufacture these kind of products we’re talking about, in order to make your “life less ordinary” as their motto says. From furniture and lighting to ceramics and homewares, all Vitamin’s products are a beautiful combination of fun, originality, refinement and quality. Their keen eye for details make their creative designs to stand out in the crowd. This year the company expanded their lighting collection and included three brand new pendant lamps, that you will surely love them. In this post we refer to two of them –“Tied up Pendant Lamp” and “Cloak Pendant Lamp”, two eye-catching hanging lights with industrial appeal.


Tied Up Pendant Lamp

With a simple design, yet attractive design, Tied up is a self-assembled pendant light that goes very well in a variety of environments, commercial or public, as well as in residential ones, in individual lighting arrangements. The main functions of an industrial cable-tie are smartly. A spun metal collar and hand turner wooden dolly carefully pinch the top of 26 cable ties, while a laser cut steel cog connects them all at the base. The difference in diameter at the two ends of the pendant gives the cables a lovely, natural curve, designed to accentuate the radiant large bulb nestled inside. The flowing frame with bold lines create a striking contrast with any backdrop, hanging beautifully over a dining table or kitchen countertop.





Cloak Pendant Lamp

Highly original and with a minimalist design, this lighting piece fuses industrial aesthetics with eye-catching detailing, and is easy to integrate in a variety of contemporary interios, adding that much needed lighting twist. A handsomely crafted wooden sphere having a LED spotlight is encased into a thick premium glass dome, which enhance the natural beauty of the sphere. Cloak Pendant Lamp is stylish and incredibly effective due to the LED spotlight which emanate an elegantly powerful yet dissipated glow. The wooden sphere is available in two versions: walnut and oak.




Photos © Vitamin

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