A Contemporary Interpretation of Camping Bungalows by Matteo Thun & Partners

Holiday homes that offers both constant, fresh contact to the nature and comfort are among our favourite vacation destinations. And fortunately, there are many such places in the world that makes you forget, even for a week or two, about the daily hectic life of the big cities where we live. Located in Cavallino Treporti, near Venice, Italy, the 6,400 sq. m Marina di Venezia Camping is one such beautiful place, where guests can enjoy a great summer escape. It is designed by Italian architecture practice Matteo Thun & Partners and consists of a group of small and appealing  patio houses, called ‘Garden Villas’, which reveals a modern interpretation of camping bungalows, where comfort and close contact to the nature goes hand in hand.


Focusing on sustainable architecture and always looking for a genuine dialogue with the cultural landscape of the edifice, Matteo Thun & Partners envisioned a “botanical” architectural project, which respect the surrounding nature and tries to save as much as possible the presence of a significant number of pine trees. Therefore, both the floor plan and the overall layout of the holiday retreats were designed in order to preserve them.  Displaying a modest, yet stylish and modern interior design, the 24 wooden villas are made for comfort seeking touris.

Each one is composed by two opposing volumes, an inner courtyard with a terrace, a lawn and the original pine trees. Every space reveals a discreet charm and a lovely fnctional design making you feel relaxed and enjoy the time spent there. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are situated on the one side of the garden and the living area includes the dining and kitchen, a TV corner and a bathroom. The two volumes are perfectly connected by the roof of the terrace made to offer protection in case of rain and to make shade on sunny days. Double-glazed windows and the natural stone floor used both indoors and outdoors create a fluidity between the two of them. While larch wood cladding makes their appearance to change gradually during daytime, giving them a more personal look,  the beautiful ‘Garden Villas’ have also a good acoustic and thermal insulation thanks to the eco-friendly material they are made of: wood-cement blocks. Check out some pictures below!






Photos © Matteo Thun & Partners

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