Intriguing 3D Printed Lightbulb Revealing the Modern Cityscape

A lightbulb that glows brightly enough to symbolize a metropolis isn’t something you see everyday and it’s peculiar, yet interesting design draws attention right away. As you probably figured out, this unusual lamp, called “Huddle”, is an ode to the new technologies in an era of rapidly developing scientific and technological progress. One of the modern innovations is 3D printing, which soon will define a new way of making things through digital data, becoming a standard characteristic of modern city infrastructure.


Product designer David Graas took the most common form of LED light bulbs and thanks to this technology, realized a 3D printed bulbshade showcasing imposing buildings huddling close together, representing the modern cityscape. The buildings suggest that people cannot live alone and design cities as a strategy to survive, just like penguins in Antarctica that huddle to survive the extreme cold during the winter time.

The project Huddle lightbulb highlights the fact that the mega city with its concentration of technology and information seems to be our intented habitat that holds the key to a sustainable future, despite its many problems. A truly unique approach of a lamp design we must say, don’t you agree?

Huddle is available in two versions: as floor lamp version and as pendant lamp too, with a quality 5 Watt LED bulb included.


Photos © Tim Stet

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