Beautiful Dinner Table Showcasing Ecologic Design

Need eco-friendly dinner table ideas to decorate your home? Have a look at “LOCK”, an eye-catching table designed by J.P.Meulendijks design studio, which is guaranteed to add originality to a variety of  modern interiors and create a strong visual effect. Featuring an intriguing bamboo base made visible by a clear glass-top, this round dinner table is the kind of piece which doesn’t need too many on her side to create a spectacular design.

The concept’s beauty comes from the ingenious combination of geometry and nature, making a product that is in the same time functional, attractive and environmental conscious. Build from pressed layers of flexible bamboo, known as a highly sustainable material, “LOCK” has a unique, super strong masculine dynamic shape formed by the bamboo’s natural bending curve  that looks different watched from different viewing points. You can choose between the version with the bamboo top, which is cut into a 40 mm thick  layer-pattern, or the one with the glass-top, each of them having round edges. 5 to 6 persons can seat to it. For more information about dimensions, please check out the designer’s website above.



 Photos © J.P.Meulendijks

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