Single Familiy House Rehabilitation in Bellaterra, Barcelona

We received information an photos about a project regarding a  house rehabilitation made by the Spanish-German architectural design firm YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona, which offers integrated design services that reinforce the identity as well as adding key added value to your residential, commercial or corporate interior design projects. The house you see in the pictures above is a single family house which didn’t look at all with the old one. The owners purchase it due to its beautiful location and fabulous views of the residential area of Bellaterra, in Cerdanyola del Vallès; closed to Barcelona and in the surroundings of the Collserola natural park, but wanted to transform the house radically both in terms of internal redistribution  and design of the space , as well as about the exterior aspect of it and the outdoor spaces in order to fit with their passion for spacious and bright interiors.

Thinking that the original 442 m2 property was divided in two floors and an underground, its location had a strong slope hard to use or enjoy and featured considerable problems regarding both the exterior and interior (irregular brick work volume, windows and porches with different sizes, poor exterior connections, back garden with a much lower level than the house, too many small rooms and long corridors.), than this final results is fantastic we must say. Now it’s a modern house with a totally different aspect, inviting and welcoming, displaying a good sense of elegance, symmetry and cutting-edge equipment and finishes.

Adjusting the old porches and windows, and creating new windows that opens, it meant an unified exterior façades and interior spaces flooded with natural light all day long.  In the new configuration, the north-facing façade is a large 13 meters Niangon wood window with the access door integrated, which occupies also the porch space. Thanks to it, now the living room looks bigger than before and is connected with the front garden, which was also remodeled showcasing a big staircase in natural bush-hammered stone. In the back area, the house was extended with a series of bushhammered Sabbia natural stone and lanscaped terraces, usable gardens and an infinity pool for relaxation.

Regarding the interiors , the house boasts a new contemporary design fully functional and aesthetically amazing. The spaces are exactly as owners wished: large, airy, luminous,  interconnected with central vestibules for access, but also visually connected to the outdoor space. Subtly separated by a big Sabbia natural stone fireplace and a kitchen area at the back, a spacious living room and a beautiful dining area form one side of the ground floor, whlist the other side consists of a family room, an office and a music room that can be separated from the rest by two large sliding.

At the upper floor a central vestibule separates different bedrooms and can be used also as a children leisure room. A modern minimalist bathroom and a terrace are part of this floor. Ivory white walls, built-in furniture pieces showing either a natural tropical Etimoe wood or an ivory white satin laquer finish, and natural Sahel polished limestone pavements are found in the bedrooms’ decor, creating an appealing contrast of a natural-looking warmth and whit, glossy surfaces which increase the light intensity. Enjoy the images and tell us what you think!


Project details:

Architecture and interior design: YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona
Authors: Tobias Laarmann y Yolanda Yuste López
Project: One family house rehabilitation, landscape and interior design
Client: Private
Area: 442 m2 interior + 700 m2 garden
Location: Bellaterra Neighbourhood in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona
Industrials: Soldevila Construccions de Fusta, Cristalería Bonanova, Belscon 21, Agrostís Serveis, Integrals de Jardineria
Suppliers: Grup Sesaelec, Neocerámica, Solnhofen, Materia-Barcelona, Catalonia Cerámica

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