Beautiful Lamp Series by Vim and Vigor Design

Their true passion of crafts and skills usually made by hand influenced their latest design project consisting in a wonderful stylish lamp series, a perfect lighting choice for your home if you want to achieve that interesting industrial look.  SF (Spin and Fold) Lamps are a creation of talented designers Aaron Tsui and Irina Kozlovskaya from New York based firm Vim&Vigor Design and appeared for the first time at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. Obtuse, acute, or intermediate with black/bronze or white/silver finish, each one of these pendant metal lamps is unique in its own way.

Their design approach is paying homage to the vanishing art of hand-spinning metal and is a result of  a unique fabrication method: an ingenious combination of  the traditional hand spinning with a cutting tool that perforated the flattened pattern and created a “key hole” in order to bend and secure the lampshade. This technique gives this pendant lamp series a fresh perspective from each angle they’re viewed from, appearing to change forms right before the eye as you walk around them, according to designers. Their appealing look will bring a modern twist to any dining room or kitchen.

Photos © Vim& Vigor Design.


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