Interesting Garden Pavillion for Flux Projects at Freedom Park in Atlanta

Sitting embodied as architecture- this was the ideas behind this nice garden pavillion we show you in today’s post. Imagined by architects Brian Brush and Yong Ju Lee from the New York-based design practice E/B Office, SEAT is an interactive architectural design created for 2012 Summer Pavilion for Flux Projects at Freedom Park in Atlanta, GA, which is a great opportunity for many in Atlanta to enjoy art, but also for artists to have audience for their work.

SEAT was chosen this summer’s Freedom Park Project from 89 entries, because it managed to draw jury’s attention by combining something that was visually compelling with something that was interesting to use and also met more of the this year’s criteria: high visibility, great impact, artistic merit, feasibility and safety for the audience.

The core of the project as you can see was the chair, a very important element in the use and experience of architecture, but which isn’t considered architecture at all, being rather related to furniture design or industrial design. So, what architects Brian Brush and Yong Ju Lee  wanted to do by creating this nice garden pavillion was to associate sitting in a designed object with architecture itself, thus trying to change the perception of domestic objects through their use as architectural units and components.

The design is a collection of about 400 simple wooden chairs custom-connected to one another through simple lag bolts, clamps, and screws that are hidden from view, in the form of a sine wave arch rising from the ground. Besides the fact that visitors can watch it, they can actually sit on the chairs or even in the shade beneath them, regarding the upward flow of chairs transcending their function. Chairs suspended above ground between these zones restore the role of the seated object as one that can also play as structure, decoration, and enclosure. Although it seems fragile, the construction allow for stability, flexibility and safety thanks to redundancy and connection.



Photos © E/B Office and Eve Styles


Project details:

Design and fabrication : E/B Office (Yong Ju Lee and Brian Brush)
Location : Freedom Park at Atlanta, GA
Project year : 2012
Assembly team: Rudi Matheis-Brown, Tom Roncco, Kyle Holland, Larissa Hand, David Williams, Britni Jeziorski, Megan Mallery, Katie Seifert, Wendy Chou, Kayla Kirchberg, Sarah Turner, Emily Gilbert, Colleen Devoe, Casey Butler, Cydne Mayberry, Maria Lioy, Sydney Styles.

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