The Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera

“Animals sculpted by modernity”, an interesting metaphor describing perfectly “The Animal Chair Collection”, a stunning design project that impresses the eye of the beholder with surprising exceptional details, authentic structure and considerable size one cannot remain indifferent. Nature’s splendour was fantastically captured and reflected through these chairs’ design that pay homage to all animals which inhabit our planet and reminds us to protect the endangered species.

The collection is the latest and the most dynamic work created by Spanish artist Maximo Riera  with over thirty years of artistic career background. The artist managed to bring alive in a very unique and original manner and give personality to something banal and common like a chair, creating a virtual connection between human-being and animals.

Described as a long and challenging adventure, the process, which allowed to accomplish such splendid detail accuracy and genuine silhouettes, consisted in sketches that were turned into three-dimensional digital images through a computer modelling software and then the sculptures were made using one of the most vanguard sculptural techniques available at present. So, due to this cutting edge technology, each creation showcase the highest quality execution and is available in a limited edition in order to preserve the exclusive nature of the piece. “The Animal Chair Collection” is a truly breathtaking  furniture project, reflecting elegance and the nature’s capacity and mightiness. Here you have some pictures to enjoy.

The Octopus Chair





The Rhino Chair



The Walrus Chair


The Elephant Chair




The Whale Chair


Photos © Maximo Riera.


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