Lovely Bird-Inspired Lamps Collection

There’s no secret that nature is an enchanting source of inspiration for designers all over the world and their creations suggesting any kind of form found in nature are constantly drawing attention and you can find such designs almost in any home. We spotted these charming bird-inspired lamps and we want to share for those looking for inspirational pieces with playful design.

Creative and bright, with a modern twist, these lighting called the “Marina’s Bird” collection is a creation of Belaru-based design studio Fajno. It consists in ceiling and tabletop lamps in the form of bird with various vivid colors that would certainly add a little charm to any nursery or may be a great addition to any room if you want to achieve a cheerful atmosphere. They come in a wide range of materials from wood to glass to fit any style, so this collection is  sure to brighten your day with fun and color. Do you like these little birds?

Photos © Fajno


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