Beautiful Lighting Collection Reinterpreting Scandinavian Style

Stylish and very appealing, this lighting collection we’re presenting you today is designed by Christophe Mathieu for Spanish brand Marset. It’s called “Maranga” the name of a fruit, an imaginary fruit: exquisite, tempting, succulent. With a decorative, yet restrained visual approach, “Maranga” lighting collection takes inspiration from Scandinavian design style showcasing meaningful simplicity and attractive shape.


The designer wanted to accomplish a lightness feeling, to create a light and dynamic object that generate a warm and cosy atmosphere. So the interesting feature of the collection is that 32 slice-like pieces are fitted together to form each shade, idea that enables chinks of light to escape. Therefore, the result is a direct light with a diffuser, but also a non-direct light from the segments. This interplay of light and dark generates an extremely wonderful effect which is rich in shades of light and prevents glare, and doesn’t disturb us. In this lamps the important part is the empty one, where the light comes from.

“Maranga” collection is available in two diameters – 32cm and 50cm – which can combine to form 2 floor lamps, 2 table versions, 2 hanging and one ceiling lamp. It comes in 3 colours: white, sand and dark grey.





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