Gi Booth – A New Concept for Armchair Design by Jakob Gomez

The latest work of the architect and designer Jakob Gomez, is a really creative and interesting approach to form, color and functionality of the armchair design. Ranking high in originality, Gi Booth, as it’s called, is a new concept that merges work and pleasure and offer different experiences in various environments, both public and private. Developed in collaboration with Karla Aurora González Villarreal / Jorge Reynoso, the exquisite furniture item is both practical and elegant, with a design emphasing on color and form.


The eye-catching and interesting shape was designed especially to offer the user comfort and privacy, whether he is in a public or in a private environment. Occupying only one square meter of space, Gi Booth is a comfortable refuge allowing for flexible spatial configurations as seen in the pictures below.  With a modern, stylish and unique appearance, the armchair looks a little bit surprising.

The chair’s architectural aesthetic and the amazing combination of strong basic colors with 3 different types of woods create an awesome contrast, and with every standpoint you are likely to discover surprising details. You just have to be careful about positioning rightly within the interior setting, as it just might draw excessive attention to itself. Looking at these pictures, which one would you like to have?






Photos ©  GroovyChaos

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