Bedroom Lighting Ideas and Styles

A bedroom can mutate into a well-decorated and cozy space with a tweak with fixture placements and attaching the right lighting.

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Take a look at these bedroom lighting ideas and styles, which use ambient, task, and accent lighting to draw in an element of softness and set the right mood for a wonderful, restful bedroom.

Draw in some pendant lights

Lava pendant lights are of different shapes, and hanging these at varying heights from the plafond on each side of the bed can create a mesmerizing effect.

The colorful lava pendant lights in the bedroom surely bestow a retro feel helping you add the x-factor in it.

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Set in a statement light fixture

A big light fixture suspended in the center of a bedroom would truly form an arresting accent feature. The oversized light fixture that matches your bedroom’s wood tones will bestow you with no less than a place. 

Ever considered a wall sconce?

Wall lighting fixed on either side of the bed can create a soft and cozy ambiance, giving you the warmth you might be missing. 

How about downlights?

Installing downlights can help you create a dramatic effect, taking the whole room to a new uncomparable level. 

Opt for a floor lamp

The floor lamp adds to the touch of profundity and adds a soft glow to the bedroom space. 

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Employ industrial lights

Industrial lights are the new trend. Hanging these bare bulbs at different heights around the bedroom for illumination surely provides a distinct look. In an industrial-themed bedroom, bare bulbs suspended within a metal frame dominate the ceiling decor and lighting.

Opt for track lighting

If you want to enhance the room’s ambiance, it is good to opt for track lights. The mirror finish of the wardrobe (if you have one) can double the effect of the lighting, while wood unites with the warm lighting to form a relaxed ambiance.

Design a layered lighting effect

Combining tray lights, ceiling-mounted lights with pendant lights, and recessed lighting forms a layered lighting system. Adding these layers will enhance the room’s overall look while letting you stand out from the rest of your friends. 

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Draw in natural light

Bedrooms that are illuminated by natural light have no comparison. The lights add soul to the room, creating an incomparable warmth. Since not all have the privilege to set up a room that draws in natural light, a combination of filtered natural light and layered lighting is recommended. This combined lighting creates a calm atmosphere, not the same but quite similar to natural lighting. 

Bottom Line

Of all the rooms, the bedroom is seemingly the only one we spend time in when it’s totally dark, perfectly bright, or somewhere in between. 

So, getting your bedroom lighting design right is necessary to make it a comfortable place to rest your head at night, rise and shine each morning, and go about your day. 

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