4 Smart Exterior Upgrades To Boost Home Security

Have you been finding ways to beef up your home security?

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Thankfully, burglars and criminals will steer away from your home when you upgrade its exterior safety systems. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, it’s essential to scale up your home security measures because any crime may happen any time. Since then, security systems have come a long way, so you can easily find any security upgrade for your property.

Make the most of technology today and use it to deter potential thieves, protect your property from strangers and to prevent any crime. When you improve your home security, your whole family can have better peace of mind because you’re safe from  danger. 

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Here are some fantastic and reliable smart exterior home security upgrades that are worth investing in.

  1. Curbside Locking Mailbox 

Your physical properties are not the only things appealing to burglars. Although they probably aim to run off with your prized possessions, some thieves would target stealing your identity and other vital information. Documents that contain traces of your transactions may be used by thieves for whatever illegal purpose they find advantageous to their interests. For instance, they seek valuable personal information like bank account details, which is why utility bills are commonly stolen from unlocked mailboxes. 

When they have access to your data, they may use it for illegal activities. If, in case, you started missing some mails recently, it’s best to investigate now. To prevent this from happening, you need to invest in a curbside locking mailbox. This is the best mailbox you can use to ensure that your mails are secured.

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They’re a bit pricier than regular mailboxes, but remember, no amount of money can compare to your peace of mind. With these high-security mailboxes, most criminals will give up trying to guess its security information. 

We also suggest that you  consider the type and average size of mails you receive before buying a new mailbox. It should fit all your parcels, letters, and subscription products. 

  1. CCTV Camera At Home 

You may also install security cameras to keep your home safe when you’re not around. Your home will be more secured by installing a CCTV camera. This is the perfect security system to use if you want to check your home while you’re away. Not only does this deter burglars, but this is the best tool to use to monitor any suspicious activity around your area.

  1. Motion Detector Security Lights 

The motion sensor lights outside your house can benefit you in different ways. Many homeowners have realized how crucial it is to equip the outdoors with this smart home system. Installing motion detector lights gives you a two-way purpose. Take a look at the following benefits it provides: 

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  • Added Protection 

When someone comes close to your house, the motion sensor will flood the surrounding area with light. Even if you’re not at home, you will feel secured because the lights can put off anyone who’s planning to trespass your property. Also, the lights will allow your neighbors to identify any suspected thief or criminal. Its brightness will be enough to make someone near your house visible at night. 

  • Guides You When Coming Back Late At Night

These motion security lights will not only shoo away criminals, but they can also guide you when you get back home late at night. You’ll be able to navigate through your doorway safely. You can protect yourself from possible falls, trips, and other accidents that often happen in a dark environment.

  • Warning Sign 

Your motion sensor lighting can benefit you even when you’re inside your home. You can use this  to see if the person approaching your house is someone you know. Without these lights, you may not identify them from afar.  

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  1. Smart Home Locks 

Another innovation in the security system industry is smart home locks. The conventional ones have served their purpose in the past, but recently, you can maximize more functions when you use this system instead. The convenience and customization of smart locks is unmatched by traditional locking mechanisms without compromising security. By pairing your Bluetooth with a smart lock, you can access your house without using physical keys.


Anyone can become a victim of a home invasion at any time. Aside from your possessions, other things can be stolen like your mails and bills too, which poses threats to your identity. Thankfully, by investing in these smart home security upgrades, you can make your home safer to protect your family better. 


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