Guide to Staying Warm during the Christmas Season

It’s almost that time of the year again when we get to fatten up and eat out hearts out, receive gifts that we don’t deserve, and listen to the same Christmas songs on repeat for days on end.

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But all jokes aside, Christmas is coming, and we are ready to make the most of this merry holiday. Especially for those of us living in higher places, the cold will also come to settle for the last few days of the year.This is why we have to prepare as early as now to keep ourselves warm for winter. Most of us will be staying at home anyway, so here are some useful tips to channel the warmest white Christmas you’ll ever experience.

HVAC System

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The first thing to do to ensure warmth for winter is to check on your HVAC system. Because it will be working around the clock for the entirety of the cold season, you have to maintain it in its best condition. Have your furnace repaired by your trusted HVAC contractor. They should give a thorough inspection of your unit, as well as the ducts and filters, and advise you of whether everything is in good shape or a replacement is necessary. But you may also check for yourself and contact the experts when something is wrong.


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Your fireplace will also provide warmth for the cold months. But before you start using it, make sure to have it cleaned to avoid accidents. Because of the burning of firewood, soot and creosote will start to build up in the insides of your fireplace and chimney. These byproducts are serious fire hazards that need to be removed and disposed of properly. You can check your fireplace yourself for these flammable materials but professional help is needed to clean the unit because of how dangerous it can be to deal with creosote.


After having your heat sources sorted, you should then focus on keeping the heat inside your home. New houses are usually winter-proofed with all-around insulation but older homes may need to have them installed with a few different options for different types of buildings. Windows may also be insulated as heat easily passes through the glass and dissipates into the cold air outside. You can choose from different solutions like insulation window films, caulking, and thermal curtains to add an extra layer of defense from the low temperature.


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Candles may not be enough to bring real heat to your home but lighting a few can certainly give the same ambiance. Suitable for the season, candles symbolize a deeper meaning in the history of Christmas as they bring a tiny light and hope in an otherwise cold and miserable environment. Simple candles lit in different areas of the home can give that yellowish warm light for everyone to enjoy.

Scented candles are also good options, especially when you choose scents related to Christmas like cinnamon, fir, berries, and cloves. Just make sure to place them in your house strategically to avoid fires.

Cozy Clothes

Dressing up in ugly sweaters may be a tradition in some families that help to bring more warmth to the season. Knitted clothes, hats, and scarves are always nice to have when trying to get warm by the fire while sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows from a mug, but more updated and fashionable warm clothes are also available for purchase. Not only clothes but blankets and pillows may be used to keep us all toasty during the cold months.

Be with Friends and Family

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The most genuine warmth that you can get for Christmas is the warmth from the company of friends and family. As much as possible, invite your loved ones over for a special Christmas time. Gift-giving may also be organized to make the gathering even more meaningful for everyone. Although, we have to keep in mind that the pandemic is still here and some measures still have to be upheld to ensure people’s safety.

Christmas is supposed to be a joyful season spent in the presence of your loved ones. Even when the cold tries to make it chilly and bitter, we can always make the home a warm place to be comfortable in. The important thing is to prepare before the cold winds arrive. So, start the home repairs early to ensure a worry-free holiday. Remember that this is the season of giving so let us share the love and the warmth to the people around us to bid farewell to another passing year.


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