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Benefits of choosing a teak wooden benches over other wood types

   The addition of a bench can finish off any outdoor space. The bench can also provide a much needed seating option in both a public and private setting. When planning a bench the consumer must first choose the type of material they are going to make it from. The choices include cement, metal, and various types of wood. If the consumer chooses wood as their medium, they have a few other choices to make including the type of wood they are going to use. Teak wood can provide many benefits over other types of wood.home_slide_image_2

Build it Once and Enjoy it for Life

The main attraction to using teak over other types of wood is the wood’s longevity. This means the consumer can build the bench in the present day and enjoy it in many years to come. The longevity relieves the stress of having to constantly rebuild the piece, barring any extraordinarily strong weather occurrences.

The longevity means the piece can also turn into an heirloom in the consumers’ family for years to come. A grandparent can leave a special place for their grandchildren to sit and rest and remember their best times together.garden-bench-f6-2

No Bugs or Rot

Wood is a very good medium for making outdoor furniture pieces. However, many types of wood are susceptible to natural damage from rot and bugs. Teak wooden benches are different then benches made from other woods in this category. This is because teak cannot be affected by either rot or bugs. This means that the wood can be used in any type of environment.

Very Little Maintenance

The durability of the wood is the first important aspect of teak. An equally important aspect of the wood is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. Yes, the consumer may need to sweep it off now and then depending on where it is located. However, beyond a quick broom is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. It does not need to be soaking wet.

For an added piece of mind, the consumer may choose to purchase a cover for the bench. This can be important, especially if the piece is going to be part of an outdoor patio set.memorial-bench-carving-21


Another attractive characteristic of teak is the strength of the wood. This plays well into the durability of build it once and enjoy. It also means that anyone can enjoy the bench. The consumer should keep in mind that the strength of the wood means that it will be heavier then other types of wood. In the process of creating the bench, do not be afraid to ask for assistance in lifting the wood.

No Staining or Painting

Many consumers like the idea of staining or painting a piece when they are creating a show piece for an outdoor furniture set. However, for those who create and own a teak bench this process can be avoided. Rather, teak is best enjoyed in its natural state. This means that if the wood ever needs a refresh, all the owner will need is the natural oil for the wood. The oil can be applied using a soft cloth. It is best to apply it at least twenty-four hours prior to using the bench. This way the oil can set and there is no risk of staining clothing.Slapton_Sands_774_436_65_s_c1

Teak is a pricy wood option for consumers that are looking to purchase it for a build. It can also be pricy to purchase a prebuilt bench made of it. However, the purchase can quickly become an investment in the future for many consumers.

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