Merbau Flooring and What are its advantages

What is Merbau Flooring and What are its advantages

Merbau Flooring and Its advantages

About Merbau Wood

Insia Bijuga or as it is commonly known Merbau, is a popular hardwood found in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean Islands used to make wooden floors. The tree grows well in wet areas such as flood plains, swamps, riverbanks and rain forests.

It is widely regarded as a high quality timber gaining a top ranking reputation just like oak. When freshly cut Merbau will give an oily odor, and in its untreated state it is greasy to the touch.

Merbau Flooring and What are its advantages

Growing up to 50’ feet tall and more than 5’ feet wide, Merbau is a large tree that offers a wide range of variability in its colour. It appears to have yellow dust in its pores that give it a gold lustre, however its core colour varies from a light red brown to a dark brown.Merbau-Flooring  (2)

Merbau Flooring

This are floors that have been made using Merbau wood. The wood can be used with minimal alteration to it on a floor or it can be engineered to produce wooden stripes that provide more versatile and up to date flooring options.

Merbau flooring is very popular and because of its Janka rating of 1925 to its hardness of the lumber; it has been used traditionally to lay railroads. It is now commonly used for high end refurbishment for outdoor or indoor flooring.Merbau-Flooring  (3)

Benefits of using Merbau Flooring

  • It has a naturally oily feature that makes the flooring lustre to last for a long time. This gives the flooring a timeless attractive look.
  • As much as it’s a hard wood Merbau timber is easy to work with making cutting, shaping and fixing the flooring easy. This also makes wood engineering easy.Merbau-Flooring  (4)
  • Its colour ranges from shades of yellow to shades of brown, thus giving you a wide range of colours in between to choose from.
  • Merbau wood is high weathering and is also termite and fungi resistant making it highly durable thus very sort after for flooring.
  • The grain of the Merbau wood can vary, however it is often wavy or interlocked and with a coarse but even texture. Some Merbau wood has a ribbon figuring, making the flooring very visually appealing.
  • This is a wood that takes perfectly to finishing’s, you can paint it, stain it and polish it to get a chic and updated appearance.
  • Very minimal maintenance is required for Merbau flooring; in areas where there is heavy foot traffic use rags to reduce damage from shoe heals, place pads on the feet of furniture to avoid any indentation on the floor and trim the nails of your indoor pets to avoid scratches.
  • Also easy to clean simply sweep or vacuum regularly, and follow the instructions provided for the particular finish that has been applied to your Merbau flooring. This will ensure that the flooring will maintain its beauty for a long time.Merbau-Flooring  (5)
  • It is exceptionally stable when it comes to humidity and thus can be used in kitchens and even bathrooms.
  • Unlike its counterparts Mahogany and Teak, Merbau flooring is reasonably priced and thus within reach if considering wooden flooring.

The most unique characteristic of Merbau wood is that it bleeds a red colour when wet, however with expert finishing this should not be a point of concern and the flooring can last up to 50 years thus well worth your money after its installation.

Just wood at know the ins and out of Merbau flooring and will give you expert and quality craftsmanship on your choice of Merbau flooring.


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